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TOTALLY FUCKING YOUR BRAIN UP! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Rotting Brains

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AAA & DEAD KENNEDys [Jun. 20th, 2005|08:43 pm]
Rotting Brains

yea, I justt put the whole fuckign entry and it got deleted. So, once again.

Culture Room, Ft Lauderdale
June 25

So I've been told it was the original Dead Kennedys band, but without Jello.. naturally.
Anyhow, if you're bored and drunk or just looking for someone to talk to - u can look for a grrl with short brown hair named kitti (that's me.) C U DERE I HOPE

This show just won't be the same without my bestest freind, who is in fucking jail. I fucking hate this shit.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
♥ Solidarity, mi amor. Solidarity. ♥
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contravene, autonomy, resistant culture....may14th [May. 3rd, 2005|01:53 pm]
Rotting Brains

[music |Ol' Dirty Bastard - cold blooded]

saturday may 14th @ the phix (1113nw grand ave). at 7:00 $5 phoenix, AZ. downtown!

CONTRAVENE (melodic anarcho peace punk) az

RESISTANT CULTURE (tribal crust grind) ca

AUTONOMY (peace punk) ca

OPPOSITION (hardcore punk) ca

CONFLICT RESOLUTION (80's style punk rock) az

this promises to be the show of the year! please repost!!!! hope to see you all there:)
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upcomign shows [Mar. 14th, 2005|08:44 pm]
Rotting Brains


i went to calle ocho on sunday, ghetto as fuck and fun. funniest shit: a stage with this country lady singing some BS "im a redneck woman!" ha ha ha. some crazy guy was actualy doing some weird ass dance, the only person wathcing her. good concert: reggaeton, merengue, etc. FAT JOE and the terror squad, PITBULL and lil jon! haha, and a short moshpit. fun fun.

305 FEST!
march 18 and 19
10 bux each day
the alley
***www.305fest.tk **** yayyyy

and then...
march 26
why not, AAA, NPAA, and so on....
the alley

woo hoo

bye bye
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(no subject) [Mar. 12th, 2005|01:03 pm]
Rotting Brains

[music |blatz]

1748 N.W. 36th St.
Miami, FL 33142

Sat. April 16 *Record Release Show*
The Alley in Miami, FL
The Crumbs, Modern Day '84 & -AAA-
$8 / 7PM ALL AGES!!!
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(no subject) [Mar. 12th, 2005|12:49 pm]
Rotting Brains

[music |assuck]

march 18 &19 @ the alley
1748 N.W. 36th St.
Miami, FL 33142


Anxiety - Miami, Florida

Cowboys Became Folk Heroes - Gainesville, Florida

Chugga Chugga - Farmington Hills, Michigan

Dave Dean's Musical Forklift - Bloomington, Indiana

Del Cielo - Washington, D.C.

des-ark -Durham, North Carolina

Don't Ask - Miami, Florida

Down Home Southernaires - Miami, Florida

Environmental Youth Crunch - St. Augustine, Fl

Emperor X - Brooklyn, New York

Erin Tobey - Bloomington, Indiana

Fiya - Gainesville, Florida

Glass and Ashes - Ventura, California

Gone to Croatan - Miami, Florida

Hissy Fit - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I Object - Buffalo, New York

Jiyuna - Ft. Myers, Florida

Jenny Cash - Miami, Florida

Josh Small - Richmond, Va

Kissthesungoodbye - Miami, Florida

Lead Skillz - Miami, Florida

Milkcrate Rustlers - Bloomington, Indiana

New Bruises - Tampa, Florida

North Lincoln - Grand Rapids, Michigan

O'Haste Annihilation - Gainesville, Florida

Picnic, Lightning -Gainesville, Florida

Pink Razors - Richmond, Virginia

Reactionary 3 - Gainesville, Florida

Samantha Jones - Gainesville, Florida

Section 802 - Miami, Florida

Skeleton Warrior - Orlando, Florida

Shitstorm - Miami, Florida

What the Kids Want - Bloomington, Indiana

Whats Yr Damage? - Orlando, Florida

Yip Yip - Orlando, Florida
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(no subject) [Mar. 12th, 2005|12:39 pm]
Rotting Brains

March 28, 2005 - Monday --- Outbreak with: On the Outside, 24 Hours To Live, Know The Score, No Roses, Shitstorm, Veritas
@ Solid Sound Studios - Pompano Beach, FL 6pm

March 29, 2005 - Tuesday --- Outbreak with: On the Outside, No Roses, Endurance
@ Neptunes Lounge - Tarpon Springs, FL 6pm

March 30, 2005 - Wednesday --- Outbreak with: On the Outside, Nervous Breakdown, No Roses, Anchors Away, Fortitude, Team Effort
@ Backbooth - Orlando, FL 5pm
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(no subject) [Mar. 12th, 2005|12:21 pm]
Rotting Brains

july 4th 2005 anarcho communist federation conference in miami (tropical park) free food free info free zenes music and fun

if you would like to participate or help out please comment
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damn dawwwg [Jan. 10th, 2005|06:01 pm]
Rotting Brains

[mood |annoyedCOMMENT PLEASE!!!]
[music |thulsa doom]

there hasnt been an entry! aha. well DAVETHEGNOME, who i would liek for him to introduce himself!!, requested to join (i approved) so it reminded me. FUCKEIN ELL-JAYS! jaJa

OKAY! well 305 FEST is coming and tis gonna be awesome! eveyrone check it out:
cheap, fun, and awesome!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
^^**^*^^*^*^*^*^*AGAINST ALL AUTHORITY:*^^*^**^*^*^*^*
is playing with shitty band(S) (not ALL of them suck) at a shitty over-pricing venue.
sorry if any of u like the other bands or kaffe krystal, but i gotta say that i hate KAFFE KRYSTAL, especially right now cuz they are charging so much. i mean, 10 FUCKING DOLLARS for 5 local bands at a local venue. COME ON! thats just messed up. it really really annoys me, but i think AAA is only paying there cuz of the know hows, i dono.

**i payed ten dollars to see A GLOBAL THREAT with 2 or 3 other touring bands and THE FACTORY. i payed 9 dollars to see leftover crack and some other local bands at west palm beach. give me a break. im still deciding whether i will go if i can get the money, or not go and spend the money on somehting else.

^^^^see the reason this is such a big deal to me is because this is like limiting and getting money from the punk kids in miami to see a big local band, like AAA. AAA plays at CHURCHILLS alot, which is 18+. now its not AAA's fault, and its not CHURCHILLS fault. i doubt they do that on purpose to exculde kids. but there isnt much of an option for another venue for such a big crowd to see AAA, and NOT be 18+. there's KAFFE KRSYTAL, but i cant really thnk of a way to explain how thats not really an option, alotta pple understand me on that thoguh maybe someone can help me out with that. i guess its obvious now that theyre chargcing 10 dollars to see 5 local bands, but anyawyas back to my point. and goddammit, i dono what the fuck is up with THE ALLEY. i thought they closed, now theyre open, before they "closed forever" AAA was supposed to play. cana nyone fill me in?

besides for THE ALLEY, which is AMAZING, i really dont see another option for BIG crowds of kids to see bands IN MIAMI. apparently house shows isn't an option for a band like AAA. I WOULD JUST LIKE KIDS TO BE ABLE TO SEE THE BANDS THEY WANT, AND NOT BE RESTRICTED BY AN 18+ RULE! and lemme tell you, the house shows arranged here are awesome, i give so muc props to them and all the kids that go and organize it and the bands that play and eveyrhting. and, ugh, kaffe krystal sucks. AAA should play at THE ALLEY, if theyre still open, I DONT FUCKEN KNOW! but they should, cuz i heard the alley's open again?? and AAA is prolly just playing at KAFFE KRYSTAL cuz of THE KNOW HOWS (boo)
did i make my point? i guess my point is:


i hope no one stalks me down and kicks my ass for this, haha. *%^~%############ COMMENT ON THIS BIZATCH!!8*############&^#&%!@&$^!6245
♥ ~ KITTI!!!
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(no subject) [Dec. 9th, 2006|06:22 pm]
Rotting Brains

[music |assuck]


December 11. 2004 that's this week!
rays downtown, 519 clematis street. west palm beach
on clematis street 4 blocks form the west palm beach tri rail stop
eight bucks AT 6 (EARLY SHOW)
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(no subject) [Dec. 9th, 2006|06:09 pm]
Rotting Brains

[music |the pist]

first entry!
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