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www.305fest.com march 18 &19 @ the alley 1748 N.W. 36th St. Miami, FL… - TOTALLY FUCKING YOUR BRAIN UP! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Rotting Brains

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[Mar. 12th, 2005|12:49 pm]
Rotting Brains


[music |assuck]

march 18 &19 @ the alley
1748 N.W. 36th St.
Miami, FL 33142


Anxiety - Miami, Florida

Cowboys Became Folk Heroes - Gainesville, Florida

Chugga Chugga - Farmington Hills, Michigan

Dave Dean's Musical Forklift - Bloomington, Indiana

Del Cielo - Washington, D.C.

des-ark -Durham, North Carolina

Don't Ask - Miami, Florida

Down Home Southernaires - Miami, Florida

Environmental Youth Crunch - St. Augustine, Fl

Emperor X - Brooklyn, New York

Erin Tobey - Bloomington, Indiana

Fiya - Gainesville, Florida

Glass and Ashes - Ventura, California

Gone to Croatan - Miami, Florida

Hissy Fit - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I Object - Buffalo, New York

Jiyuna - Ft. Myers, Florida

Jenny Cash - Miami, Florida

Josh Small - Richmond, Va

Kissthesungoodbye - Miami, Florida

Lead Skillz - Miami, Florida

Milkcrate Rustlers - Bloomington, Indiana

New Bruises - Tampa, Florida

North Lincoln - Grand Rapids, Michigan

O'Haste Annihilation - Gainesville, Florida

Picnic, Lightning -Gainesville, Florida

Pink Razors - Richmond, Virginia

Reactionary 3 - Gainesville, Florida

Samantha Jones - Gainesville, Florida

Section 802 - Miami, Florida

Skeleton Warrior - Orlando, Florida

Shitstorm - Miami, Florida

What the Kids Want - Bloomington, Indiana

Whats Yr Damage? - Orlando, Florida

Yip Yip - Orlando, Florida

[User Picture]From: blatzintospace
2005-03-12 09:06 pm (UTC)
305 Fest is a celebration of do-it-yourself punk and hardcore culture.

Punk tradition is one of individuals taking the means of living into their own hands and forging a community that revolves around positive output, a glowing alternative to "real world" existences based on hate and destruction. A celebration of that alternative is a celebration of an underground economy of craftmanship (we're musicians, writers, painters, builders, stencil makers, silk screen designers, fashion experts, and more than could ever fit on this stupid webpage) and an independent social arrangement devoted to honest, open, constructive, supportive, respectful interaction and dialogue.

We've managed to forge this community that strives to make sure everyone's comfortable, a community outside of the sexism, racism, violent consumption, (and so on!) that we all struggle to unlearn and, man, that's worth throwing a party in honor of. So much time is spent talking about the shortcomings of punk and hardcore and it's a real good idea to balance that out with a few pats on the back every now and then.

305 Fest is is a celebration of Miami. We have an astounding punk/radical legacy down here that we lose sight of all too often, and 305 Fest is a reminder that do-it-yourself punk rock has, does, and CAN flourish down in this crazy fucking city. Let's celebrate the independent culture Miami has established, and even more so, the overflowing potential for even more growth and development. The more noise we make down here, the more people will be interested in paying a visit, and the more opportunities we'll have to share ideas and experiences with individuals from all over the country.

Lastly, on a personal note (oh no, this is turning into a Livejournal, isn't it?!?), 305 Fest is a celebration of people, places, and periods of my life that I love dearly. In the past few months a lot of the signatures that defined Miami punk rock for me have changed...people moving (and even more people talking about it), buildings assuming new identities, my own relocation to Sarasota for school...it breaks my heart to say this sort of thing, but I feel like this 305 Fest will be a nice last hurrah for a lot of people, a warm signing off to a particular era of love and friendship that has either ended or is on its way out...a celebration of evolving, changing, embracing tomorrow while still finding a way to lovingly revere yesterday.

Come hang out! 305 Fest is $10 a day (for an assload of bands) to cover expenses and get the bands to their next show (punk is cheap!).

I hope the fest gives kids a laid back, friendly means for EVERYONE (no exclusions) to hang out, have fun and DANCE (as in droppin' 'bows and wiggling hips). When the dust settles we'll have rocked out, given so many hugs, lost our voices, and seen a slew of new faces that we may one day hopefully identify as "friend".
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[User Picture]From: lovekittiii
2005-03-15 01:43 am (UTC)


its WWW.305FEST.TK not .com
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